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So who’s the ‘US’ behind Have Kids Can Travel?

I’m Laura. and ten years ago I started LittleStuff – an award-winning magazine blog for parents, talking about pretty stuff, and quirky stuff, and useful stuff, and spotting the odd bargain, discount & fab competition along the way.

I began to realise that the travel features – though really popular – don’t quite fit on LittleStuff (it’s more about the shopping, really), so I moved all the travel stuff into its own site here on Have Kids, Can Travel.

*welcoming round of applause*

We’re a tribe of six – I’m the writer, husband Courtenay is a photographer (and my social media hero) and we have four kids whom we Home Educate (so we’re always ready to take on a new adventure with no ties to school dates. Hoorah!). The three boys are 18, 15 & 14, and Bear is our youngest at just 10,

HaveKidsCanTravel family holiday

Yes we have kids (yes, there’s four of them!), and yes we love to travel! This is us (minus Mr HKCT who’s behind the camera) in Ostia Antica, October 2014

We’re not all about dropping a few thousand pounds on long treks across the Sahara (though we’re always open to offers…). We want to talk about any and all the family friendly travel options. It might be wild camping in Wales, a villa in Italy or playing with orphaned elephants in the jungle; we want to find anything you can do happily with the children in tow. We want to discover the best places to stay, ways to travel, and bargains to be had for families finding their perfect holiday.

We’re looking for anyone to share handy tips, reviews of places they’ve been, and insider guides to places we’d like to go. We’re also keen to hear from Travel PR’s with news of interesting place to visit, and fabulous deals on taking the family there.

If you’d like to get in touch (please do, we LOVE to get mail) just drop an email to hello@havekidscantravel.co.uk and we can have a chat.

8yr old girl on beach digging sandcastles italy

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