Taking a Rottweiler to France for your holiday? You might need to think again.

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  1. Lynne devine says:

    That is absolutely disgusting, I have a beautiful soft lump called skye, she is 5yrs old, & never shown any aggression, to a human or a other animal, the law should change on this matter, smaller dogs are aggressive, & they get into the country, my skye is a Rottweiler.. shame on you for discrediting, this beautiful breed.

    • Maurina says:

      I have a Rottweiler Labrador mix called Nellie she’s the sweetest dog anyone can ask for, she gets very upset when we leave her and so we wanted to take her with us on holiday. So upset to hear we can’t.

  2. Almudena Munoz Gracia says:

    Oh sh** I have just rescued a rottweiler from Spain and I’m already driving to the UK ATM. I have already crossed to France. Now I’m scared. I hope nobody stop up while we get to Calais and cross to Dover. Only 724 km to get there now… I hope they don’t get too fussy in the border either. Can’t wait to have her home.

    • joseph says:

      Hey almudena what happened in the border on Calais?cause we want to go to spain in about 3 weeks with our Rottweiler and we are not sure about the papers they ask for?

      Thank you

  1. October 23, 2018

    […] own a rottweiler – or any other mastiff-type breed – it’s very important  to read this post about taking a rottweiler to France since new laws were […]

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