Family Sailing Holiday? Unexpectedly Brilliant Places To Charter A Yacht

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  1. February 14, 2020

    […] It’s something that sounds ridiculously extravagant – chartering your own yacht for a family sailing holiday. But actually, renting family-friendly sailing yachts can often be cheaper than a hotel stay or villa rental. Oh yes, really.And seriously – sipping your cocktail on deck as the sun sets across the bay… it’s truly a magnificent way to explore a new country.And no, you don’t need to be a keen sailor at all. Start with a family ‘flotilla holiday’ – a group of yachts sailing together, escorted by a lead yacht with a skipper and hostess. You have all the support of the flotilla crew, so that you actualy get time off to enjoy your holiday, and you can even have. acrew to do the actual sailing part for you (and teach you along the way). There are organised activities and adventures along the way, your route is pre-planned, and you can stay on board or head to shore for a local restaurant each evening. Heavenly.And your options are wide open – from Croatia to Fiji, there are some unexpectedly brilliant places to charter a yacht. […]

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