Paris for £29! We Show You How to Find the Cheap Eurostar tickets

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  1. Perfect timing! We’ve just been chatting about taking the train to Paris. Just need to find cheaper trains from our nearest town to London now ;-) #citytripping

    • Laura says:

      Oh I know – it’s cheaper to get from London to Paris than it is to get from Dorset to London! Mind you the railcards help – and if you use your Tesco points to buy them it becomes even cheaper. We use a Family & Friends card for family trips, and a Two Together card for kid-free breaks; one trip to London and we’ve recouped the cost of the card.

  2. Wow! I’m flabbergasted – what amazing prices! I love the idea of visiting a European Christmas market. Now I just need to sort out the UK travel side! #citytripping

  3. Margie DQ says:

    Great site and such a cheap fare! Eurostar is a great way to travel around Europe. #citytripping

  4. Great tip about the tickets to Disney! That’s something we’ve been thinking of doing, so I’ll use your route when we finally get round to planning it. They Eurostar’s brilliant, isn’t it. #Citytripping

  5. A very useful little guide – cheers! Considering EuroDisney with the family next year so have been thinking about the best way to go about getting cheap tickets… #citytripping

  6. The Disney tip is brilliant! I really want to take my kids to Paris so will pin this for later use! #citytripping

  7. This is awesome! We are in the process of moving to Europe for a year (from the US) and this information will be so helpful. Short trips to different countries is one of the top reasons we are looking forward to the next year. #citytripping

  8. What great prices. Good timing…we’ve just been chatting about taking the train to Paris #citytripping

  9. Julie Holmes says:

    Looking for a £29 Eurostar ticket from Ebbsfleet to Paris on a Saturday or Sunday for 1 day. Thank you

  10. Bella Fox says:

    Hi Laura,

    What a fantastic find! Thanks for sharing your insights on scoring those elusive cheap Eurostar tickets to Paris. Your tips on navigating the updated site and utilizing the monthly price calendar are truly invaluable for travel enthusiasts like me.

    I appreciate the transparency about the affiliate links – it’s a small gesture that goes a long way. After all, who wouldn’t want to support someone’s coffee habit, especially when they’re helping us save big on travel!

    I’m thrilled to discover that there’s an ongoing £29 ticket sale, and your reminder to be quick with bookings is duly noted. The flexibility in travel times is a small trade-off for the significant savings, and your breakdown of available slots during the week is super helpful.

    Also, your personal experiences, like the Disneyland Paris trip with the £58 Eurostar return tickets, add a touch of authenticity to the post. It’s inspiring to see how strategic planning and a bit of flexibility can result in substantial savings for family trips.

    Thanks again for the awesome tips, Laura. Here’s to more affordable adventures in Paris and beyond!

  1. April 23, 2019

    […] the cheap Eurostar tickets, no matter your destination (we’ve previously written a guide on how to find the £29 Eurostar seats to Paris), the basics are the same; try and book in advance (120 days is the sweet spot) for the best […]

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