Win a Cornish Family Holiday in a Shepherd’s Hut with Little White Alice – #WinATrip!

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64 Responses

  1. debbie Kelly says:

    I would spend my time enjoying a lovely walk in the nearby woods and enjoy a picnic with my family.

  2. Katie Evans says:

    We’d love to feed the pigs :)

  3. lindsay chadburn says:

    id love to go horseriding

  4. Mrs Rachel Heap says:

    Love to go horse riding

  5. Jacqueline evans says:

    I would love the countryside walks with my partner and son.

  6. Jemma Taylor says:

    My little ones would love to wake up and feed the animals

  7. Lisa Everaert says:

    I would love to take the kids (and myself of course) horse riding, they would LOVE it xx

  8. katrina walsh says:

    Horse riding – not been on one since I was a child!

  9. Ruth Bugg says:

    I would love to take my son to spend time with the animals, sounds great collecting eggs, feeding them and riding ponies, it looks so amazing and I love the natural swimming pool too

  10. Ashleigh Allan says:

    Feeding the animals with the kids!

  11. sonia fox says:

    We’d go crabbing, eat fish and chips and Cornish ice cream.

  12. Andrea says:

    #JOY@ Cornwall :)

  13. Siobhan Davis says:

    Stithians lake and Watersports Centre sounds amazing xx

  14. Jo Jones says:

    Walking the beautiful countryside

  15. RACHEL SMITH says:

    Walking with my most favourite little people and hubs

  16. Graham Chealehay says:

    Would love to spend some time horse riding

  17. katie says:

    Horse riding :)

  18. laura jayne bates says:


  19. GRANT PRICE says:

    My kids love exploring and would spend time outdoors in the green play area making camps and playing with the animals

  20. Keith Hunt says:

    horse riding is top of the list.

  21. Margaret Akel says:

    visit a Poldark mine

  22. Lucy D says:

    We’d swim in the natural pool, the kids would think it such an adventure!

  23. Love the look of the natural swimming pool. Can definitely picture me and my family enjoy many hours in this!

  24. Natalie Gillham says:

    Get close to nature and discover the green magical woods with my family :)

  25. Mandy G says:

    It’d have to be a dip in the stunning pool followed by a steaming cup of coffee! Bliss!

  26. Ruth Harwood says:

    Would love to try horse riding :)

  27. Jan Thomas says:

    I have spread the word around the family,we all love animals and the countryside,,so hopefully you will be seeing us this year,
    Back to my roots.

  28. Laura Pritchard says:

    Some archery sounds fun!

  29. Laura Bryant says:

    TBH just having some quality family time would be perfect! Archery for my boys and riding for me and the princess!!

  30. claire sen says:

    I’d be looking forward to horse riding with my daughter, we love it!

  31. nicola clarkson says:

    breathing in the fresh air, kids running round looking at the animals

  32. Becca Staples says:

    Time in the natural swimming pool x

  33. Michelle Banks says:

    would love to take my grandaughter horse riding x

  34. Matthew Sinclair says:

    Take My daughter horse riding

  35. Val Swift says:

    Horse Riding

  36. Marion Gold says:

    Explore the Willow Gardens and new Green Magical Woods.

  37. Sheila Sloan says:

    Walking in the countryside

  38. Claire D says:

    Horse Riding

  39. donna l jones says:

    Feeding the animals

  40. Rebecca Nisbet says:

    Falmouth Aquarium looks lovely.

  41. tina edwards says:

    a lovely walk in the countryside

  42. Rebecca Lathwood says:


  43. Jessica T says:

    We will most probably end up on an adventure in the Willow Gardens. My little beasties (aged 1 and 5) love befriending other little beasties and smelling flowers, feeling the earth beneath their feet and getting mucky, of course. A hand was later and we will venture over to the pub for a family lunch.

  44. Stuart says:

    Feed the animals. so different from our normal mornings!

  45. nicola barter says:

    definitely horse riding :)

  46. Kerry Lethbridge says:

    I’d spend time with all the animals and taking a dip in the natural pool

  47. Selina says:

    The kids would love get involved feeding the animals.

  48. Marie B says:

    My daughter is always asking to go horseriding so I think we’d do that!

  49. Emma carrington says:

    Explorer cycles…. Get my son of his staberlisers

  50. Solange says:

    I’d love to go horseriding

  51. PAUL STANLEY says:


  52. Claire B says:

    playing with shetland ponies

  53. John Mcgovern says:

    The Stithians lake and Watersports Centre seems a very nice experience.

  54. Karen Painter says:

    We’d love to feed the animals

  55. JILL FRASER says:

    Wow, we would like to do it all, I think collecting eggs would be on top of the list

  56. trevor linvell says:

    Love to feed the pigs and other animals

  57. stacey kavanah says:

    horse riding, as my girls love horses

  58. Eleanor Powell says:

    Bird watching

  59. Elizabeth (Liz) Briggs says:

    We would love to try Horse riding x

  60. Chris Fletcher says:

    Surfing with Global Surfers sounds good!

  61. Charlotte G says:

    Horse riding :)

  62. Jemma Bond says:

    Like the sound of the surfing!x

  63. LORNA WIL says:

    i would go exploring by foot

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